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Why Us

India's First AI-based Monitoring System

Virtual Chokidar offers India’s first AI-based monitoring system. With our advanced technology like motion detection, fire sensors, sirens, and alarm monitoring, we prevent many undesired events before they happen.

Virtual Chokidar automatically saves the pictures and videos of the events that occurred. It leaves no room for errors and detects every intrusion image in real-time with video verification.

Why Professional Alarm Monitoring is Important

When the concern is about your business’ security or protection then Alarm Monitoring becomes the most important function.

Because when someone tries to intrude on your property then informing the owner with an SMS or Call becomes a more lengthy process and the thief or intruder works their part. But our team monitors your property 24/7 with the central Alarm Monitoring feature. It helps to stop unwanted persons before they do something.

The Central Alarm Monitoring System connects surveillance cameras, alarm panels, and sirens with our team. With the help of this system, it prevents the threat before it actually happens. That’s why we are renowned as Pre-Event Security.

It’s a two-way communication system. In the action against the fire and robbery, the monitoring team can connect to the firefighters and police officers. Instant actions are taken by virtual Chokidar incase of any unwanted activity.

CCTV Monitoring v/s Professional Monitoring

CCTV Monitoring

CCTV – Closed Circuit Television monitoring refers to the process of using cameras and surveillance systems to capture and record video footage of specific areas or premises. This monitoring does not provide active monitoring or immediate response to security incidents. The recorded footage from CCTV cameras needs to be manually reviewed.

Professional Monitoring

However, professional monitoring – monitors security systems and responds to security incidents in real time. It includes intrusion alarms, video surveillance, and access control systems. Our team is trained to respond quickly to potential threats.

Virtual Chokidar uses AI-based technology to deter threats or unusual activities. It also uses central alarm monitoring systems.

Why Virtual Chokidar Services?

Virtual Chokidar ensures the security of your premises with 24/7 surveillance. We offer top-tier security in various sectors with AI-based technology. As a result of our system and our employees, we are able to prevent threats before they occur.

Virtual Chokidar has advanced monitoring technology. In addition, Virtual Chokidar also allows owners to track their assets and properties live.

We provide security solution Pan India. Our happy and loyal customers are testimonial of the quality of our solutions.

Virtual Chokidar – AI-based Solution

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