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Key Challenges Faced at ATMs

  • Security Challenges might face with the unreliability of security guards and the high cost of security guards.
  • Security threats might become more vulnerable during the riots.
  • Lack of proper cleaning and maintenance in ATMs.
  • Not proper video recording of incident sites.

Security Solutions

If a person stays in the ATM for more than the Average time then an alert response is immediately taken. Whenever our surveillance team finds any unusual entry or any activity then they stop the person or group before doing anything.

With Our 24/7 Surveillance team, we also detect the suspected robbery during night time.

In case of any fire and medical emergency, our system and team directly contact to the fire fighter or Ambulance service / nearest hospital.

Our system automatically saves photos and videos of unusual activity. serving as valuable evidence for investigations.

Virtual Chokidar Provide you With security measures

  • Movement Detection
  • Suspected Entry
  • Unwanted Activity
  • Behaviour Identification
  • Face Cover Identification
  • Robbery Detection – Try to damage the property
  • Fire Control
  • Medical Emergencies for both – Security Guards and Normal People
  • Alarm Reports
  • Video & Picture for Evidence