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Shops/ Showroom/ Shopping Mall

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Key Challenges Faced at Shops/ Showroom/ Shopping Mall

  • Crowd Handling
  • Incident of Fire
  • Vehicle Management
  • Not proper video recording of incident sites.

Security Solutions

Virtual Chokidar’s AI-based technology solution & 24/7 surveillance can help you to handle the large crowd which are come to the shops/showrooms/shopping malls in day-to-day activity. VC security helps in identifying unusual persons and prevents threats before it happens. It also helps in vehicle management. If a property owner wants the vehicle to give access or not.

In case of any fire or medical emergency, our system and team directly contact to the firefighter or Ambulance service / nearest hospital.

Our system automatically saves photos and videos of unusual activity. It helps as evidence.

Virtual Chokidar Provide you With security measures

  • Incident Reporting
  • Unusual Vehicle Detection
  • Thief Control
  • Behaviour Identification
  • Detection of Employee Activity
  • Fire Control
  • Medical Emergency
  • Alarm Reports
  • Video & Picture for Evidence