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Benefits of Choosing Virtual Chokidar's Services

Virtual Chokidar offers a holistic approach to security. From live surveillance to installation and maintenance, alarm monitoring, and data monitoring, we provide all the essential services under one roof. This streamlined approach ensures seamless integration and efficient management of your security infrastructure.

Trust Virtual Chokidar to be your dedicated surveillance partner, empowering you with advanced security solutions that safeguard your assets or properties.

Low-Cost Solution
Our cost-effective surveillance solutions offer exceptional value for your investment. We understand the importance of security without compromising your budget, providing you with advanced tech at an affordable price.

Prevention of Crime Before it Happens
The use of advanced surveillance technology and real-time monitoring enables us to identify potential threats and prevent crimes before it happens.

All Actions with Authentic Proof
Our surveillance systems capture every event and action with indisputable proof. In the event of an incident or security breach, you can rely on our robust evidence to investigate and take appropriate action.

Our Services

Live Security Surveillance

Experience real-time protection with Virtual Chokidar’s live security surveillance. Our team of highly trained security professionals ensures round-the-clock monitoring of your properties. We keep a vigilant eye on potential threats.

With immediate response capabilities, you can deter incidents and safeguard your assets. Trust Virtual Chokidar for reliable and proactive security solutions.

Installation and Maintenance

The Virtual Chokidar team specializes in the seamless installation and maintenance of advanced equipment. Our technicians ensure that your security infrastructure is properly set up and optimized. You can count on us for top-quality equipment, like CCTV cameras and intrusion alarm panels. You can relax with the security of your property knowing that your system will be expertly maintained to keep it as effective and reliable as possible.

Alarm Monitoring

Virtual Chokidar offers comprehensive alarm monitoring services to provide an immediate response to any security incidents. Our advanced Central Monitoring Station acts as the nerve centre of your security system, connecting all surveillance equipment for real-time alerts.

Whenever some unusual activity is detected our expert team swiftly address the activity to the police station or firefighter(In case of any fire detect in the office) and ensures that your property or assets are safeguarded.

Data Monitoring

Virtual Chokidar’s data monitoring provides a comprehensive solution for your day-to-day data recording from CCTVs. With advanced technology tools, we provide valuable insights into your security operations. Identify potential vulnerabilities, make informed decisions, and optimize your security strategies for maximum effectiveness. Trust Virtual Chokidar to help you maintain a proactive stance in safeguarding your valuable data and assets.

We Provide Our Surveillance System in this sector.

Banks & ATMs

Safeguard and monitor financial institutions with our robust surveillance system and ensure the security of transactions and customer safety.


Protect multinational corporations and monitor office spaces. Secure confidential data, and maintain a safe working environment for employees.


Ensure the security of corporate offices and monitor entrances, parking lots, and critical areas, deterring unauthorized access.


Our surveillance system monitors production areas, prevents theft, and ensures the well-being of employees.

Shops, Showrooms, Warehouses & Shopping Malls

Our surveillance solutions monitor stores, prevent shoplifting, and ensure customer safety, while also providing a safe environment for employees.

Residential Projects

It monitors entrances, common areas, and perimeters, enhancing the overall safety and security of residents.