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Key Challenges Faced at MNCs/ Corporates/ Factories

  • Employee Activity During Work
  • Electricity Problems – It might lead to a big loss for any businesses
  • Not proper video recording of incident sites

Security Solutions

With Virtual Chokidar’s AI-based technology solution & 24/7 surveillance, businesses can monitor employee activity during work hours.

Nowadays, Electricity and Wi-fi is a basic need for any business. It might lead to big losses for companies. Virtual Chokidar offers censor measure technology to help customers with electricity problems.

You can ensure your unauthorised access property with our access control feature.

In case of any fire or medical emergency, our system and team directly contact to the firefighter or Ambulance service / nearest hospital.

Our system automatically saves photos and videos of unusual activity. It helps as evidence.

Virtual Chokidar Provide you With security measures

  • Peripheral Control
  • Incident Reporting
  • Smoke Detection
  • Electricity/Wi-fi Failure response
  • Access Control
  • Thief Control
  • Detection of Employee Activity
  • Fire Control
  • Medical Emergency
  • Alarm Reports
  • Video & Picture for Evidence